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If you’re planning on doing a reinstall of Windows but can’t find your product key, you’re in luck because it’s stored in the Windows Registry. It’s just not easy to find, and it’s impossible to read without some help. Luckily, we’re here to help you with that and Antivirus activation of the Macfee

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  1. Ensure that the screen shows exactly what you are willing to capture– Be aware that all reliable Windows are displayed.
  2. Tap Command+ Shift + 3– If the sound is turned on, your device will produce the sound of camera shutter.
  3. Look for the screenshots on the PC screen– They will be labeled with date and time and will be saved as screenshots.
  4. Older versions of OS X used to save it as Picture#, For instance- If it is a 7th screenshot on the desktop, then it will be labeled as Picture 7.
  1. Tap Command+ Shift +4 – The cursor will get into a tiny crosshair reticle.
  2. Tap and drag the cursor to select area you do not want to capture– A rectangle with grey color should appear. If you’re going to adjust the Windows, then press Escape for getting back to the normal cursor without taking any picture.
  3. Let the mouse go– You will get a noise of camera shutter if the sound of your system is ON. It will ensure that the screenshot has been taken
  4. The screenshot is visible on your desktop– It will be saved with name .png file named screenshot. Name and Date will be labeled below.
  5. Older versions of OS X will save it as Picture– For instance- If it is 6th screenshot then it will be labeled as Picture 6.
  6. Make use of the screenshot– So now that you have taken the screenshot, they can be used the way you need them. They can be attached them to email, upload them to the web or drag them to the application as per your convenience.
  1. Enter Command+ Shift+4, and tap the Spacebar– You will witness the crosshair turning into a small camera. You can again tap the spacebar to go back to the reticle.
  2. Move the cursor over Window you are willing to capture– The camera is going to highlight different windows blue as it is moving over them. Use keyboard command slike Command + Tab to shift through windows while still in the same mode.
  3. Tap on the window– Similarly as any other screenshot, the picture of your selected window will be saved to the desktop by default.
  1. Tap Command+ Control+ Shift+3– This method is going to work similarly like the previous one. The only marked difference will be that the screenshot will not immediately create the file. The image instead will be saved to the clipboard. It is the same transient area where your system memorizes your copied text.
  2. You can take portion screenshot with the use of Command+Shift+4 -By dragging the reticle over proper part of the screen, with the help of the portion screenshot method.
  3. Use the Command+V or Edit> Paste to paste the image– You can straightaway paste your screenshot image into any compatible application like the word document,many email services or an image editing programme.

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The abbreviation of Product or Process Identification is included in the optional PID column. The Windows operating system provides the identification number to every process when it runs to determine the processes. With the identification number, the operating system no longer relies on the processes names. When a process is given the identification once, the operating system will no re-assign the PID immediately. In this way, the operating system cleverly prevents the errors from occurring.

Here is how to use PID in task managerFinding the Process Identifiers

The PID of all the running programs can be seen in the Processes, Details and Services sections or tabs under the Task Manager. But it should be noted the PID display is enabled or else you might not be able to see the PID. Also, the PID is disabled in the Processors tab, but the Details and Services tab have the PIDs enabled by default. But don’t worry if PIDs are disabled, and you cannot see it in the Processes tab as you can enable PID in the tab.

  1. Open the Task Manager and go to the Processes tab.
  2. Click the View tab from the top toolbar.
  3. Click Select Columns option from the drop-down menu.
  4. Select PID from the list appeared.
  5. Click Ok.
  6. Now you can select any program in the process tab and check the PID.
Identifying the Similarly Named Processes

Since some programs can be named identical, so the PID keeps the operating system away from mixing the programs. It makes the troubleshooting easier for the applications with the identical name.  That is why the operating system provides the different PIDs for the programs so that it can differentiate between the programs. Once the software distinguishes the two similarly named programs, the Windows will start working upon on the selected one.

Tracks the Processes creating Problems

The PID is very essential to resolving the error or problems created by processes running on the computer. There are some software products which use their different process to work correctly in the system. For example, the web browser products which use their process in the system. The fact to note that each tab running in the web browser gets its individual process a problem in one tab could not affect the other tabs. Hence with a PID, you can determine the which tab is cruising or facing the problem so that you can find the solution for the particular tabs.

Fix the Conflicts between Processes

The processes can conflicts with each other which can consequent the system crash, slow down the performance. Hence the tools like Netstat diagnostics use PIDs to identify the problem creating processes in the system.Netstat successfully determines which processes are conflicting and creating the problem in the system. The tool will suggest the user close either of the programs to prevent the conflict in the system.

The PID is the essential part of Windows as the operating system assigns the identification to every process running in the system. The deification for each process and programs will be unique, and the operating system will refer the PIDs only, to identify the processes and programs are running on the computer. In this way, a lot of conflicts, errors and problem can be prevented, only through referring the PID under Task Manager. 

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One of the fastest growing social networks services, Instagram, has launched its IGTV app enabling the Instagram users to watch and view the videos. With over 1 billion users, the new app from Instagram seems like a rival to YouTube. Some say IGTV is an extended version of Instagram which can have the videos longer than a minute.

Many have asked to get the IGTV app. Well IGTV is a standalone app available for iOS and Android device. According to the operating system of your phones, download the app from the respective app store. For some users, it is difficult to get the app from app store, so they can also get the app from Instagram as well. There is no additional step to the process as the new app button is located just at the top of the app.

Here’s how to use IGTV app
  1. The worldwide renowned mobile social network, Instagram, has built the IGTV app, especially for mobile handsets. It apparently means that the videos can be seen vertical as well as on full-screen on the phones. The app is designed in a way that it works well with the device which you might already use to take photos and videos.
  2. The IGTV app might not look simple to use, but the Instagram and IGTV work together there is no need to sign up for this app. Just click the little button in the Instagram app, and IGTV app will run automatically. When the app is open, click continue and begin to use the app. You will notice a For You tab and the app will suggest you the videos too. In addition to that, the Following tab will display the videos from the account you follow.
  3. To view or watch the trending app, you will need to tap the Popular tab and find the trending videos. To watch any video, just select and tap on the video. The video will begin playing in the background without sound. To enable the sound of the video, just set the video on full screen and enjoy it with sound effects.

This is how you can watch or view a video on IGTV app, but you can also upload your videos on IGTV.

Uploading a video on IGTV App
  1. Open your IGTV app and tap on the profile button.
  2. You can tap on the plus (+) button or select the Upload Video option.
  3. Now, choose a video to upload on IGTV from the gallery.
  4. Enter the details and description.
  5. The video will successfully upload on the IGTV.

The IGTV now doesn’t give permissions to record videos from Instagram, but as a user, you can like and comment on the videos. The IGTV is the best platform for all the Instagram users to create their own Vlog, or video content and upload it on IGTV with huge Instagram following.

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