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Advertisements conveying product ideas and messages are means to reach the target audience while communication media provides the required platform for displaying ads. Those who are about to step into the world of business, need to choose the right media for best advertising their products or services. For a small enterprise where every dollar is precious the promotional campaigns should render higher sales ratio and generate profit. In such cases print media can do How to Have Singing Confidence a good job.

Here are the good and bad sides of print media most frequently used by enterprises.


In the print media category newspaper is the most traditional medium of advertising used by big and small businesses alike.


• It allows the advertiser to reach out to a large number of people Restore Deleted Recycle Bin in a specific geographic region.

• Gives a good exposure to the advertising message as readers can get back to it as many times as they want

• Newspapers ads are flexible as it gives scope to decide the size and placement of the ad in the paper.

• In an evolving market condition newspaper ads are ideal as they can reach your customers within one or two days from the day you submit copy

• Advertisers get assistance in creating and producing ad copy First Birthday Party Ideas without additional cost


• Ad space is quite expensive

• Poor printing quality can mar creativity hence make the ad less attractive

• The advertisement will receive great competition from other ads especially the huge ones buy giant companies

• It can Network Marketing Success- MLM Secrets To A Scorching Success In 2006! be a wastage of money as the advertising Server Error In Application Hotmail message might miss out the actual customers and reach to those who will never need your products

• Advertisement have short life as readers usually go through the newspaper once and then forget about it

• With the advent of electronics media and World Wide Web people are less interested in reading the print version of news papers


Magazines are more precise and even more expensive version of print media. This medium allows the advertiser reach upscale consumers who are among highly targeted prospects.


• Concentrates on specific target audience as a certain category of readers buy Great Profits From Real Estate Rental Properties particular magazines that specialize on certain topics to the buyers’ interests.

• Magazines ensure greater reader involvement which imply more attention to the ad

• Quality printing Insmagic Dll and paper allow full-color ads to stand out Virus Computer Slow with better resolution


• Ad space and designing costs are very high

• Delayed turn-around implies monthly or weekly ads

• Longer lead time Common Health Disorders of Mal-Shi Puppies For Sale also increase the risk of the advertisement getting overtaken by events

• Less flexible compared to newspapers in terms of placing and formatting ads

The types of media from which advertisers can select also include audio, video, Internet, as well as posters and hoardings. There is no hard and fast rule for choosing media. Every medium has its own advantages and disadvantages to consider. Good advertising Software Windowsxp strategy focuses on three maytweltveblog aspects while selecting the appropriate media. These are – marketing goals, marketing budget as well as the characteristics of the target audience. Nevertheless, advertisers need to ensure that quality of the advertisement match the quality of their products in order to get the desired effect on product sale.

Steve is a media professional and writes for different online publications on media and advertising industry. For more information on successful advertising strategy and online advertising he recommends you to visit and

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