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For those of us who have a certain age, we have a special affection for all those titles of our childhood that brought us much more than feelings and experiences, causing us to delve into the character's own flesh and live all his adventures.

Although they have now given way to the new generations, it is always nice to remember the great games that have passed through our hands and that we can still enjoy them through the well-known emulators , among them one very prominent in the panorama such as Dolphin Emulator with the main objective consoles Nintendo GameCube and Wii .

Classics with all their essence on your Android TV

For the users of a brand-new NVIDIA Shield you are in luck, because the Dolphin team is making significant advances in this platform best android emulators pc, making the powerful Tegra X1 offer in all its splendor the possibility of moving freely and without errors all the titles of both Nintendo consoles.

The attached video shows how Dolphin perfectly reproduces excellent titles such as Resident Evil 2, Phantasy Star Online 1 and 2, Animal Crossing, Luigi's Mansion and even Super Smash Bros Melee.

The emulation produced by the Android TV application is of the best view to date , although it is still at a somewhat early stage and there is room for improvement, but of course it is on a very good path.

Never, we will never recommend using piracy methods as much as it benefits us, because we must always support the developers for their work, but we can not deny the benefits offered by being able to enjoy classics in high definition and without resorting to veteran consoles that do not have the latest technological advances.

However, we look forward to numerous advances and more its official launch, which of course we hope it adds more compatibility not only for NVIDIA Shield, but others such as the Nexus Player or similar.

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