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At the beginning of the human race, the nature is good, the sex is similar, the Xi Xiangyuan is far away, the sorrow is not taught, the sex is moving..." After two months, the son of the babbling language can actually recite the three characters in one breath. I vaguely felt the healthy growth of my son. He did not have the ability to judge right and wrong at the age of three Marlboro Gold. Of course, he could not distinguish the good and evil of human nature, but his childish voice deeply touched my nerves. . Perhaps one day, as he grows older, he will gradually understand the sorrow and helplessness of ��single high-rises and looking for the horizon��. I hope that the Confucian classics of the children��s wisdom can inject his blood and soul into his eyes. He said that his language is late, he is very active when he speaks late. I am always worried about whether he has physical problems and language barriers. Now I find that my worry is superfluous. He always speaks amazingly, and the first sentence of calling me is "Dad, hello, I am Qin Jianqi!" The warm words of this sentence are the ones I have been most moved since he grew up. I will also politely say to him, "Son, hello, Dad is busy working outside, and I will call you later." Every time I hear "Goodbye", he will voluntarily hang up. If you can't touch yourself, you can't touch others. In this chaotic world, busy people seem to have forgotten those people or things that have touched you. In my young son's spiritual world, I often communicate with my son with "goodness". More often than not, I am talking to him as a friend, so that he can be unscrupulously messing around with me. Spoiled. Human nature is good. For goodness, he is like a seed buried deep underground. When the spring comes, everything recovers, slowly rooted in the deep soil, throwing away the darkness and welcoming the light. My son��s road is still very long. How many winds and rains will be experienced in the long road of life. I hope that all the winds and rains will not stop his good heart. As the world changes, I gradually walk into the middle ages. The changes in the society, the backbone, the family, the pillars, no one dares to have any embarrassment and vacillation, any kind of flash, it is possible to subvert the entire social pattern. Therefore, we will be very careful to live until the youth has passed away, exhausting every drop of sweat in life, and doing our best to complete our mission. Every distant scenery will bring painful or sweet smiles, and every time that comes near will shine into the heart of the wanderer. After a mother's break-up pain, the birth of a newborn will fall, the arrival of a new life is also painful to come to the world, so the abbreviation of the word "bitter". The word "bitter" is like our head. The grass is the human hair. The cross in the middle is our nose and eyes. Below is a mouth, which constitutes a living "bitter" word, and only experienced pain and hardship. In order to perceive the meaning and happiness of existence, there are some things that go far, and the memory is still fresh; some people, far away, memories are vague, forget the ones that have been forgotten, remember the ones that are remembered, and feel free. Whether it is in a sunny day, or in the stormy years, if we all have good thoughts, the world will be warmer Marlboro Cigarettes, with a little kindness to touch the people around us until they get out of the dark world, no longer At the beginning of the blame, the nature is good, the sex is similar, and the habit is far. "There is no difference between people, but they grow up in different ways according to different behaviors in the learning of the day after tomorrow. Just like different planets do not stop running around the sun Cigarettes Online, because their respective tracks are different, there will be no collision. The vastly different life experiences led to the path of walking in different directions, resulting in two parallel lines that could never intersect and could not find a point of convergence. In this materialistic world, confusion, impetuousness and emptiness are filled with nerves of everyone. The tip, if you don't pay attention, you will fall into the quagmire of despair and you can't extricate yourself. We have forgotten that the height of life is only a variable. All the glory and success will not be the highest point of the function Marlboro Red. The so-called "things gather together, people divide by group" Everyone who has a resonance in the heart will record the trajectory of life like an ant with our simple combination of words. Those erratic names, the dust is settled and sad, few people will read it carefully, only by means of Awkward childlikeness, perceiving the beauty of the world. The only way to prove that you are alive is to be aggressive. Mentality, give yourself a position, and strive to move forward, even if it is long nights, you have to wait for the light. Then you have the cloud roll cloud Shu Carton Of Cigarettes, the beautiful mood of flowers and flowers, laugh and see the wind and clouds, with a calm mind, quiet and far-reaching attitude to calm down the wind Clouds are light.
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