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The ulcerative colitis is an inflammatory disease that cause causes the intestines to swell. The problem can flare up immediately and unpredictably. The patients may experience some periods of remission.

But with proper diet and some measures, this disease can be managed.Ulcerative colitis can cause abdominal pain, cramping, diarrhea as well as bleeding in the stool. Depending on the condition, these symptoms might be mild or even severe. If the colitis is severe, diarrhea is frequent and the symptoms may include fever, appetite and weight loss, and weakness. It is beneficial to opt for the treatment before the condition gets worsen. If the ulcerative colitis is too severe, surgery may be required.This disease is believed to be chronic in nature. This means that the symptoms are often recurred after some time. Because the immune system plays a vital role in the disease, many suppressing drugs are also prescribed for severe cases. The surgery is delayed and avoided as much as possible.But it is still unknown about the causes of this disease. It is believed to run in genes of the families suffering from it. It is also suspected that the infected immune system may react with the normal bacteria and cause inflammation. Because of the inflammation, much pain and bleeding takes place. Medical treatment normally involves usage of drugs for the reduction of inflammation. The treatment, however, does not guarantee that the symptoms will never reappear again.The treatment of ulcerative colitis includes many vitamin supplements, and iron supplements. These are prescribed because the loss of blood may result in anemia. If vitamin D is missing from the diet, it may lead to diarrhea. Vitamin B12 is very important in absorption of the iron and other required nutrients. An extract known as AMP from the aloe plant is also very beneficial of its curing.However there is no globally accepted diet for this disease, but yogurt and yeast are recommended by many doctors because it contains probiotics. It balances the useful and harmful bacteria in the intestines. Dairy products should be avoided as much as possible. They may result in cramping.Many people seek massage and chiropractic as alternative medicine for ulcerative colitis. Chiropractors basically have a more holistic approach for the treatment than the usual medical doctors. They believe in treating the whole body together rather than concentrating on individual parts. Article Tags: Ulcerative Colitis

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